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Are you….


Feeling stuck in your vocal goals? 

Falling out-of-love with singing? 

Struggling with your vocal health? 

Looking for a space to sing free of trauma and stress?

Then you're in the right place. I work with you to find joy and ease in your unique singing voice. Whether you are singing 8 shows a week or preparing for college auditions, I'm here to help you feel your best and achieve your goals!

My studio is committed to equity within our industry and breaking down traditional norms within the arts. If you identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ and are struggling to afford lessons, please email me at regarding sliding scale rates. 




I have been teaching students of all ages for the past 6 years and work with singers who are ready to fall in love with their authentic voice and be an active partner in achieving their vocal goals. 


Outside of teaching, I also work as a professional actress and have been performing in Off-Broadway and regional professional houses for the past 16 years. While my background is predominantly in musical theatre and classical voice, I teach freedom first and foremost to provide a neutral foundation that works with all vocal styles!


I also worked for over 2 years as the National Auditions Coordinator for the Wanda L. Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University. Having both auditioned for music programs myself and organized all parts of college auditions, I have an intimate understanding of both sides of the process. I want to use that knowledge to help you find and craft an audition package that makes you shine!


Qualifications: Bachelor degrees in Music Theater and Vocal Performance from Oklahoma City University, graduate of the Amanda Flynn Voice Vocal Pedagogy Foundations program and Reneé Yoxon's Trans  Voice Alteration program, and proud member of the Ring of Keys and Maestra Music.

Pronouns: she/they.



While I love giving advice and adjustments to help you sound your best, the only person who knows what is best for your voice is you! Every voice is different, so every person feels things differently! That’s why in our lessons together, I teach you how to be aware of your voice and body and give you tools so you can find and fix any vocal problems outside of the studio. 



Did you know, your vocal folds are about the size of your thumbnail?! These teeny tiny muscles work hard to create immense amounts of sound, so as singers it’s incredibly important we take good care of them. Whether you are a nerd like me and love to geek out on the physical mechanisms we sing with or would rather skip the science lecture, I will work with you to find safe and effective ways to achieve your vocal goals. 



9 times out of 10, when your voice cracks or does something that feels wonky, it’s because you’ve found new vocal freedom! That’s why I’ve gotten rid of words like “wrong” or “bad” in my studio. Because mistakes are more often than not the signal that we are growing. Get ready to be curious about your voice and embrace our mistakes with open arms! You’ll be amazed what a difference it can make. 





You might be reading this and thinking, “But Celia. I am a professional. This is training, not play time.” But here’s the thing – often times our best singing happens when we learn to let go and find joy in our voices again. Take it from someone who spent YEARS taking my voice training so seriously that I almost fell out of love with singing. It wasn’t until I rediscovered joy that I was able to find my authentic voice.


If you were skeptical when you read this philosophy, you are in exactly the right place. Our voice lessons will still be challenging and push you to try things outside your comfort zone, but only if you’re willing to get a little silly (sorry not sorry!) 


Hover over each one to learn more about my personal teaching philosophies! 

Teaching Philosophies


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